During adolescence, orthodontic treatment benefits the total oral health of your growing child. Usually when a teenage patient undergoes treatment and achieves a healthy, beautiful, straight smile, he or she has a self-esteem boost! As teens grow into adulthood, changes occur to the gum tissues and the bones that support the teeth. By treating during adolescence, while a person's jaws are still growing, Dr. Jet achieves results that may not be possible once the face and jaw bones have fully developed. Additionally, teens often gain psychological benefits from experiencing orthodontics at the same time as many of their peers.

Timing of treatment greatly affects the efficiency of treatment, quality of the result and the cost. At Smile Design Orthodontics, one of our main goals is to treat patients' orthodontic problems to the highest standard of excellence as efficiently as possible for the following benefits: 

 •  Decrease the time in braces

 •  Decrease the cost of treatment

 •  Reduce time missed from school

 •  Minimize dental problems that can be seen with braces (cavities, etc.)

 •  Keep patients motivated throughout treatment

 •  Throughout treatment, numerous advanced procedures are used to correct your bite, ensure its stability and unveil the potential of your smile. 

Orthodontic treatment is an investment that will last a lifetime. We understand the importance of choosing the right orthodontist and we are committed to delivering individualized quality treatment that will result in a beautiful smile and long-term dental health.