Your first visit to Smile Design Orthodontics is your time (reserved exclusively for you) to get acquainted with us and for Dr. Jet to “get acquainted” not only with you, but also with your teeth, bite and jaw function.

During your first visit, Dr Jet and his treatment coordinator will take a panorex x-ray. This x-ray will show him all of your teeth and jaw, and all the surrounding areas

Once this is taken, Dr. Jet will do a full exam and explain his findings and treatment options to you. He’ll discuss what he sees currently existing, and what type and level of orthodontic treatment he may be recommending .When you fully understand potential treatment, our treatment coordinator will discuss your investment options for treatment, and help you factor in insurances and flexible spending to create payments that fit your budget. It’s all designed to be painless….and we generally have some fun as well in the process!

Please plan for anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes for the first visit. Dr. Jet wants to allow enough time for him to be thorough in his exam and to answer all your questions.